General Manager's Welcome

Every success is achieved by virtue of Allah. However, we have to challenge ourselves not others to be more creative and do our work in the most excellent manner to achieve success and reach our goal. Our goal is to maintain and comply with Islamic economy and its requirements, leading Sharia consultation business through our unique experiences.

Taiba Consultation is committed to provide its services in the most excellent manner in order to achieve its goal in Sharia advisory profession. Since its inception in 2005 (before 8 years), Taiba Consultation has gained an experience in effective practices including acquiring and analyzing knowledge on relevant events, and providing audit and consultation services in accordance with Sharia regulations, to perform work in the most professional manner.

The Company offers high quality services through its staff and Sharia board which considered the key elements of the company, aiming to develop and control Islamic financial business at the local and regional levels.

At Taiba Consultation, we are honored to offer all high quality services to our clients in accordance with the hadith of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him): “Allah loves, when one of you is doing something, that he/ she does it in the most excellent manner”. (Dr. Dawoud Bin Essa).


Vision - Mission - Value


Taiba Consultation was established in 2005 in Kuwait as an initial stage to study local and regional market and as a second stage to work in the field of internal and external Sharia audit. The Company aims at participating in many specialized Sharia audit and jurisprudence conferences in order to gain unique practical experiences along with scholars and experts in the field of Islamic finance. Taiba Consultation was actually successful in gaining these experiences as many Islamic specialists and consultants joined the Company to professionally lead it, taking into account the changes faced by the community and the world with respect to the contemporary financial transactions.

Moreover, the Company provides its clients with the services in accordance with the applicable controls and procedures to reach to provisions that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia based on the Qur'an and Sunna in order to guide its clients to the right path. Taiba Consultation is looking forward to provide its clients with high quality of accurate and reliable services.